The Notch-like receptor GLP-1 is defined by several temperature sensitive and non-conditional alleles. The glp-1 alleles e2141 and e2144 were isolated by Ralf and Heinke Schnabel in a temperature-dependent embryonic lethal screen at the MRC, Cambridge. Our results suggest that there was a mix-up in the distribution or propagation of the e2141 allele, such that the “e2141” allele that the Priess lab has maintained and subsequently distributed appears to be identical to e2144. The Priess lab apologizes for any inconvenience associated with previous distribution of “e2141“. In short, contrary to what was previously thought and published (Kodoyianni et al., 1992 and also in WormBase), e2141 and e2144 do not bear the same sequence change. e2141 actually carries two mutations in exon 8: c2920t and a3610g.

We urge the community to sequence their “e2141“-bearing lab strains prior to future publication or dissemination. We note that in the prior literature, strains designated as “e2141” may have been carrying the e2144 (c2785t) mutation. In light of our sequencing results, the literature indicates that the e2144 (c2785t mutation variously attributed to “e2141” or “e2144“) results in a much stronger embryonic phenotype than e2141 (c2920t a3610g mutations). See, for example, Mello et al., 1994, and Hutter and Schnabel, 1994. The e2141 allele is in the CGC collection as strain CB4037, and the e2144 allele is now deposited at the CGC as strain GE68.