1. “Why isn’t my CRISPR working?”
  2. “If my needle clogs one…more…time…”
  3. “I’m only three trainee lineages away from Brenner.”
  4. “I don’t get why this cross isn’t working. Maybe I need to put on some mood music like Barry White.”
  5. “I went on a date last night and I told him I spent 3 exciting hours in a dark room with lasers. He asked me if it was a cool rave.”
  6. “Ugh, no cookies at seminar? I feel tricked.”
  7. “I have a lucky pick. I only bring it out for those really hard crosses. I do a silent prayer to the Genetics Gods right before I pick F2s.”
  8. “So I posted on the WormBase forum and I didn’t get roasted…”
  9. “I emailed the author asking for help with a protocol in her paper. She replied back and sent me a 20 page Word file. The original method in her paper was only 5 sentences.”
  10. “Do you think the worms know they’re in an all-you-can-eat buffet of bacteria?”
  11. “I’m so so sad I didn’t get a selfie with Mello.”
  12. “Yeah I bought the C. elegans giant microbe. Its name is Unc-ie.”
  13. “Is it sad that I look forward to In-N-Out more than socializing at the LA worm meeting?”
  14. “Pass the EtOH. No, I meant the gin, not the 70% EtOH.”
  15. “I really hope I get to go to Madison this year, pitchers at the Memorial Union are the best.”
  16. “Why is it that during poster sessions there’s alcohol but only water during talks?”
  17. “I’m sorry, did you just say free beer?”