After years of dropping my worm pick on the floor, only to have it shatter because it was forged from a Pasteur pipette, I have started to use a metal-handled pick.  The problem with my previous attempts to use metal handles failed because it was difficult to cinch them onto the platinum wire. However, using thin stainless steel sheet metal as a shim, it is straightforward to adapt X-acto knife holders (Fig. 1A) as worm picks.


Obtain thin metal sheeting [e.g., stainless steel foil .0025-.005cm thick] (Fig. 1B) and cut into strips with scissors (Fig. 1C).

Fold metal into a WW shape to make eight layers (Fig. 1D) that can sandwich the wire in the middle.

Sandwich the wire with the sheet metal (Fig. 1F).

Insert sandwich into slot in handle (Fig. 1F).

Tighten the nut (Fig. 1G).

Flame and use.


Some of the handles come with screw-on caps (Fig. 1H), which protect the pick if you put it in a lab coat or pocket. Fancier handles are available (Fig. 1I-J).  The handles can be engraved for special gift editions.