Worm Breeder's Gazette 9(3): 8c

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1987 Worm Meeting

J. Hodgkin and Organizing Committee

The Sixth International Meeting on C.  elegans will take place at 
Cold Spring Harbor on May 6-May 10, 1987.  The RNA Processing Meeting, 
which was held elsewhere in 1985, is at Cold Spring Harbor in 1987, so 
we are back to the earlier time slot.
The total cost of registration plus room and board will probably be 
about $500 per participant.  Funds have been requested from NIH and 
NSF, but we will not know how much support we have until next year.  
As usual, we urge everyone to fund themselves from research grants or 
other sources, so that we can help as many as possible to attend.  
Further information will be forthcoming.