Worm Breeder's Gazette 9(3): 8a

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A 'new' journal that should prove useful to many of us will begin 
publication in January, 1987.  The journal, called Development, is a 
reincarnation of JEEM (Journal of Embryology and Experimental 
Morphology).  Development has a new panel of editors who plan to 
emphasize publication of molecular, genetic and cellular aspects of 
developmental biology.  Development promises a fast publication time (
three to four weeks from receipt to editorial decision and 13 weeks 
from acceptance to publication).  Contributions can be sent directly 
to editors in either the U.K. (Richard Gardner, Oxford; Mike Gaze, 
Edinburgh; Peter Lawrence, Cambridge; Hugh Woodland, Warwick) or the U.
S. (Richard Hynes, MIT; Doug Melton, Harvard).  Details about 
preparation of manuscripts for the journal can also be obtained from 
the editors.  The journal will be something called American quarto 
size (like Cell) and is supposed to provide excellent reproductions of 
micrographs.  There are no page charges.