Worm Breeder's Gazette 9(3): 59

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Progress in Sequencing of the unc-15 Paramyosin Gene

K. Gengyo and H. Kagawa

Figure 1

DNAfragments from  -HK2 clone which contained paramyosin gene were 
processed and get results as follows.  Nucleotide sequences of the 
were and HindIII 1.4kb fragments were nearly completed. There many 
ORFs with predicted-helix protein structure. Polarity of ORF was 
determined from the amino acid sequence predicted with the nucleotide 
sequence. Many fusion proteins(Miller et al, Pro. N. A. S.(1986) 83, 
2305-2309) were isolated and were characterized by immunoassay. One of 
them which was corresponded to the 3'end part of the HindIII 5kb 
fragment crossreacted with a monoclonal antibody which only 
crossreacted with full sized paramyosin. Our results and the 
information from Stephan D. Rioux(personal communication and the worm 
gazette, Vol. 9, No.2, p39), Tc1 insertion site of TR605 munant 
located at the 3' region of the gene. There were three polyA site in 
the HindIII 1.4 kb fragment. Although we are not sure which site is a 
real polyA site the result suggests that Tc1 insertion into 3' 
noncording region might decrease the termination of the message.
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Figure 1