Worm Breeder's Gazette 9(3): 27

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Spontaneous Uncs

R. Hoskins

Figure 1

I have been collecting spontaneous uncoordinated mutants with the 
aim of cloning genes by transposon tagging.  It seems desirable to 
exchange information on 'tagged' genes.
Gifts to this lab have been greatly appreciated.  Anyone interested 
in any of these genes should not hesitate to get in touch.
I have pursued three genes:  unc-13, 
153) is associated with a 
rearrangement (see accompanying report).  Unc-30(bx7) does not appear 
to be associated with a Tc1 insertion.
Unc-31 seems to be a 'hot spot' for spontaneous mutation in TR679.  
Additional alleles have been obtained at Columbia.  A spontaneous 
revertant of e2126 has been isolated.  E2126 has been outcrossed nine 
times to Bristol.  A dpy-20(e1282)unc-26(e205) double has been 
constructed and used to select 21 dpy recombinants near the unc-31 
locus in the multiply outcrossed strain.  Mapping of linked Tc1 
elements will begin immediately.  Unc-31 alleles are pumping 
constitutive (1); all mutants examined pump rapidly and continuously.  
Mutants are also sluggish.  The nature of the gene product is a 

Figure 1