Worm Breeder's Gazette 9(3): 112

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Localisation of Serotonergic Neurons in the Free-Living Nematode, Goodeyus ulmi

L. Leach, D.L. Trudgill and P.B. Gahan

Using mammalian antibodies to serotonin we have localized serotonin-
like immunoreactivity in nerve fibres and six associated cell bodies 
in the ventral nerve cord posterior to the retrovescicular ganglion, 
as well as four cell bodies, two in the ventral and two in the lateral 
ganglia of the nerve ring in nematodes of all developmental stages. In 
addition we have found four more cell bodies and associated nerve 
fibres in the vulva of adult females, whilst in the male adults 
serotonergic-like immunoreactive nerve fibres were found in the 
spicular regions. Exogenous application of serotonin to females 
bloated with eggs, has caused a three-fold increase in the mean rate 
of egg laying. Two of the cell bodies in the vulva appear to be 
similar in position to the hermaphrodite specific neurons in 
Caenorhabditis st that serotonin may be 
present in Goodeyus ulmi in all developmental stages and have an 
additional role in egg laying and copulatory behaviour in the adults.