Worm Breeder's Gazette 9(2): 91

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Effects of Duplicating X-Linked Genes on the General Expression of the X Chromosome

L. Casson and B. Meyer

mnDp10 is a large duplication of the right side of X, covering the 
myo-2 gene.  Northern assays indicate that an XX hermaphrodite 
carrying two copies of mnDp10 accumulates twice as much myo-2 mRNA as 
a wild-type hermaphrodite.  This observation indicates that expression 
of the myo-2 gene is in proportion to its copy number, an important 
control for our dosage compensation experiments.  In examining three 
other X-linked loci not covered by this duplication, we discovered 
that the two dosage compensated loci, uxt-1 (adjacent to sup-7) and 
uvt-4 (adjacent to the vit genes) are also affected by this 
duplication.  The levels of uxt-1 and uvt-4 mRNA are twice as high in 
the duplication strain as in a wildtype hermaphrodite strain.  However,
act-4 expression remains unchanged by mnDp10.  (Expression of uxt-1 
and uvt-4 is elevated in dpy-21, dpy27, dpy-28, and egl-16 strains 
whereas expression of act-4 is not).  We are currently investigating 
the relevance of these observations to the mechanism of dosage 
compensation.  (Phil Meneely has observed a similar phenomenon: lin-15 
hypomorphs are suppressed by X duplications not covering this locus.)