Worm Breeder's Gazette 9(2): 89

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Sleeping Worms Don't Lie

P. Morgan, M. Sedensky, and P. Meneely

We are continuing to use anesthetic hypersensitivity of certain 
mutants of C.  elegans to understand the mechanism of action of 
inhalation anesthetics.  Both unc-79 and unc-80, which have nearly 
identical phenotypes, are much more sensitive than N2 to the very 
lipid soluble volatile anesthetics.  Using this hypersensitivity, we 
have mapped unc-80 to LGV, approximately 10 map units to the right of 
dpy-21.  The double mutant unc-79;unc-80 is only slightly more 
sensitive to these agents than either mutation alone.  An X-linked 
suppressor of this hypersensitivity, ec-27, has been identified as an 
allele of unc-9.  Unlike e101, the reference allele of unc-9, ec27/0 
males can mate.  The double mutants unc-79;e101 and unc-80;e101 are 
identical in anesthetic response to unc-79;ec27 and unc-80;ec27 for 
all agents tested to date.
We have constructed a mutant strain sDp3/unc-79 dpy-17 
unc-79 unc-36 
rovided by David Baillie).  The duplication 
sDp3 contains a wild-type copy of each mutant marker, and is lost at a 
low frequency from mitotic cells.  Using this strain we hope to 
isolate individual animals that are somatic mosaics for the gene unc-
79 and analyze their anesthetic sensitivity.