Worm Breeder's Gazette 9(2): 79

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An Analysis of Gamma-Induced Lethals Recovered by sDp2

R. Mancebo, A.M. Howell, and A. Rose

We have been analyzing a set of 30 1500 r gamma-induced lethal 
mutations using the sDp2 lethal recovery system.  sDp2 is a free 
duplication of the left third of LGI which we have been using as a 
'balancer' for lethals in the region it covers.  The recovered lethals 
have the genotype sDP2/ (let-x unc-13/ 
dpy-5) the 
wild-type allele of dpy-5 but not unc-13, all lethal mutations that 
were recovered have an Unc-13 phenotype.  The wild-type alleles 
carried by sDp2 will not recombine with the normal homologues.  We 
have been mapping these lethals with respect to dpy-5 and unc-13 and 
complementing them with visibles and EMS-induced lethals.
Of the 30, 13 are to the left and 8 to the right of dpy-5 Of the 13 
to the left, 9 have been complementation tested; one of these may be a 
deletion and another, h330, is a viable allele of unc-11 recovered as 
a synthetic lethal with dpy-5 8 to the right, 
one h168, fails to complement several loci including let-78 and has 
been designated hDf2.
Of the remaining 9 mutations, one, h53 fails to complement two EMS-
induced mutations to the right of dpy-5 and is not as yet separable 
from dpy-5.  It is possible that other mutations which did not give 
recombinants with dpy-5 are also deletions, perhaps even taking out 
dpy-5.  We are complementation testing these now.
One of the strains which gave no recombinants appears to be carrying 
an X;I translocation.  It was detected initially by a high frequency 
of males from the self-cross progeny of a heterozygote.  There is 
evidence of pseudolinkage between lon-2 (X) and unc-87 (I).  Other 
markers on the X are being tested.
We have mapped 51 EMS-induced lethals, 30 to the left of dpy-5 and 
21 to the right.  They define 21 complementation groups to the left 
and about 18 to the right.
A note to all gene mappers out there -- If you are working with 
anything on LGI that might be under sDp2, please make a double of it 
with dpy-5.  We have found that it is a lot easier to do 
complementation tests if everything is linked to a common marker.  We 
will be happy to test anything against our deletions if you send it to 
us or the Stock Center as a dpy-5 double mutant.