Worm Breeder's Gazette 9(2): 78

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Three ts Alleles of e2072

H. Schnabel and R. Schnabel

Three of the ts embryonic lethal mutants (e2141, e2142, and e2144) 
lack the anterior half of the pharynx but make the posterior half.  
They are allelic to each other and to e2072, a maternal effect 
embryonic lethal mutant isolated by James Priess (C.  elegans meeting 
1985, p.16).  All of them are defective in the anterior part of the 
pharynx, which is normally derived from AB, whereas the posterior part,
normally derived from MS, forms a rather normal posterior pharynx 
bulb.  All 3 alleles have a temperature-sensitive period during early 
embryogenesis, suggesting that a maternally supplied product is 
exerting its function at this time.  Two of the three (e2141 and e2144)
have a second, postembryonic ts phase causing sterility, i.e.  adults 
do not produce eggs or oocytes.  It therefore seems that the wild type 
function of this gene is required for two not apparently related 
processes during development.