Worm Breeder's Gazette 9(2): 75

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Embryonic Lethals

R. Schnabel and H. Schnabel

We are interested in genes involved in the control of embryonic 
development and have begun to look for mutations in such genes by 
isolating embryonic lethal mutants which we further screen 
phenotypically.  Initially, we have concentrated on temperature-
sensitive mutants.  Among 22,000 F2 progeny of EMS treated worms, 242 
ts embryonic lethals were obtained.  These were screened by Nomarski 
microscopy and early lineage observation (see next abstract) and are 
now also analyzed by staining with monoclonal antibodies specific for 
certain cells in the embryo.  In the future, we want to screen for 
more mutants including nonconditional embryonic lethals.