Worm Breeder's Gazette 9(1): 70a

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The semidominant allele her-1(n695) V causes partial masculinization 
of XX animals (see Trent and Wood abstract, this issue).  Two X-linked 
suppressors of n695, ct28 and ct31, have been isolated from the F1 
generation of gamma-ray-mutagenized n695 worms.  Both are dominant 
suppressors of the n695 Tra phenotype and also exhibit a semi-dominant 
Dpy phenotype as single mutants.  The Sup and Dpy phenotypes are 
tightly linked.  Both ct28 and rt31 have been mapped to the region of 
egl-15 on LGX.  Double-mutant strains carrying one of these 
suppressors and tra-1(e1781) or tra-2(e1095) produce small sick males 
with variably abnormal male tail structures as viewed under Nomarski 
optics.  We are studying the possible involvement in sex determination,
dosage compensation, or both, of the gene or genes defined by these 
mutations.  Screens of EMS-treated n695 worms are underway to isolate 
more alleles of these suppressors.  So far none have been found after 
looking at 10,000 F1 worms.