Worm Breeder's Gazette 9(1): 40

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Update on Linkage Group V (left)

R.E. Rosenbluth, L.M. Turner, R.C. Johnson, K.S. McKim, and D.L. Baillie

Figure 1

Our analysis of LGV(left) is continuing.  At present 10 deletions, 
providing 13 different breakpoints, divide the region into 14 zones (
figure).  The table shows recessive lethal mutations that have been 
mapped to the zones.
[See Figure 
At Cold Spring Harbor (1985) we noted that deletion mapping placed 
unc-34 to the left of unc-60.  This has been additionally confirmed by 
3-factor mapping.  The two genes are 0.8 - 3.4 m.u.  apart.  Another 
gene, let-336 has now been deletion-mapped to the left of unc-34 and 
therefore becomes the current left-end gene of LGV.
One of us (Kim McKim) has begun an intragenic mapping study of unc-
60.  We are in possession of the alleles, e677, e723, e890 and m35 and 
would greatly appreciate receiving others.  We have noticed that at 
least e677 and m-35 differ greatly regarding their viability as 
heterozygotes over sDf28: e677/sDf28 barely survives while m35/sDf28 
survives well.  This relationship correlates with their respective 
homozygous phenotypes, - m35 being more mobile than e677.

Figure 1