Worm Breeder's Gazette 9(1): 4

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CGC News

M. Edgley

Strain requests:  Please remember to request strains by letter, even 
if you've made a request by phone.  Letters should list what strains 
you want (strain name or gene name is fine), briefly state what you 
want them for, and state your funding source (no numbers, just the 
institution or agency).
Bibliography:  The complete CGC bibliography (on paper) will shortly 
be mailed to each lab with a CGC laboratory designation.  In addition, 
the bibliography is now available on computer diskette in a variety of 
formats, including dBase III, IBM-compatible ASCII, Apple II- and 
Macintosh-compatible ASCII.  The ASCII data can be read with line 
editors and many word processors.  To obtain a copy, send me a blank 
diskette (or diskettes) formatted with PC-DOS, MS-DOS or Apple DOS and 
tell me which format you want.  The bibliography is about 300 
kilobytes in size, so send enough diskettes to contain it all.  For 
IBM-type drives, we can handle 1.2 Mb or 360 Kb diskettes.  Complete 
file structure information will accompany each disk sent out.
Films:  The CGC now has a copy of the Encyclopaedia Britannica film 
'Nematode' and a copy of Einhard Schierenberg's embryonic development 
film.  We will loan these films for a period of two weeks to any 
laboratory with a CGC lab designation.  Requests for such loans should 
be made by letter from the laboratory head to me or Don Riddle at the 
Electronic Mail:  The University of Missouri is a node of the BITNET 
computer network, with connections (gateways) to the CSNET, CCNET, 
UUCP and MAILNET networks.  People with local access to BITNET can 
send electronic mail to the CGC by directing it to 'BIOSCGC at UMCVMB'.
Communicating over gateways to BITNET requires a little more 
complicated addressing.  Anyone who wants to try electronic mail 
should contact me by regular mail first for detailed instructions, so 
I'll know if the message gets lost.  According to our BITNET node list,
the following worm-breeder institutions have direct access to 
Cornell University, Columbia University, University of California at 
Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, University of Illinois at Chicago, North 
Carolina State University, Washington University, University of 
Houston, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Massachusetts, 
SUNY at Buffalo, University of California at Santa Cruz, Duke 
University, University of Texas at El Paso.
There are certainly other BITNET nodes that are not on our list.  In 
Europe, EARNET can be used to connect to BITNET.