Worm Breeder's Gazette 9(1): 1

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We would like the C.  elegans community to know that in July, 1985, 
we taught a five-day C.  elegans course in Kyoto, Japan.  The course 
was arranged by Professors Ozeki and Takanami of the University of 
Kyoto.  There were eighteen students in the course.  For the most part,
they did not have previous experience with the worm and were from 
various university laboratories that study topics ranging from 
molecular genetics to computer modeling.  A few were from industry.  
The course was a mixture of laboratory exercises and lectures that 
emphasized developmental genetics.  We were very impressed with the 
quality of the students and their enthusiasm for C.  elegans.A reason 
for teaching the course was to stimulate interest in Japan in the worm 
with the hope that substantial research efforts might start there.  It 
is worth pointing out that at present, except for the Medical Research 
Council, C.  elegans research is largely an American phenomenon.  We 
hope you share our interest in fostering 'the Japanese connection'.