Worm Breeder's Gazette 8(3): 96

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A Program to Keep Track of Nematode Stocks

M. Chalfie

I have written a program for the IBM PC that keeps track of nematode 
stocks.  The current version allows a naive operator to 1) add, edit, 
or delete data on a strain; 2) obtain the complete listing on a strain 
identified by its strain name, allele name, gene name, or inhouse 
designation; 3) list (either on the screen or a printer) the 
collection by strain, Revco location, liquid nitrogen tank location; 4)
list the lab's own strains or mutations; 5) list strains that contain 
particular genes or mutations or have particular phenotypes; 6) list 
the alleles of a gene (e.g.  unc-3) or a series of genes (e.g.  unc-3 
to unc-17); and 7) list a subcollection of the data, i.e.  it will 
give the strain, gene, and mutation names and the chromosome for each 
allele on an imputted list (e.g.  stocks at 25 C).  The program is 
written in dBASE II (version 2.4).
Anyone who would like to use or play with this program is welcome to 
it.  However, please do not write me for a copy.  Mark Edgley at the 
stock center has generously consented to be the go-between in all of 
this.  Mark says that $10 should cover the costs of copying the 
program and sending a diskette.  We cannot, however, distribute copies 
of dBASE II; these have to be obtained elsewhere.
The program is clearly not complete (e.g.  as of yet there is no 
provision to easily get information on references that cite particular 
strains).  People should use the program as a guide and feel free to 
modify it any way they wish.  I would enjoy hearing about any