Worm Breeder's Gazette 8(3): 87

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Multiple Tc1 Insertion Sites in unc-22

D. Moerman, G. Benian, R. Waterston

Using a Tc1 transposon tagging procedure we have cloned the unc-22 
gene (WBC 8:2) and 50kb of DNA in the unc-22 region.  This includes 
DNA from over 20 lambda clones and 2 cosmid clones provided by J.  
Sulston.  The deficiency sDf19 has a breakpoint within unc-22 (T.  
Rogalski, personal communication) and was used to confirm that we had 
isolated DNA from unc-22 and also to orientate the lambda clones 
relative to the genetic map.  We have examined 14 spontaneous 
twitchers isolated in Bergerac B0 and in all 14, a 1.6kb insertion, 
presumably Tc1, is present in the region cloned.  These inserts occur 
at multiple sites in unc-22.  The limited restriction mapping done so 
far resolves these elements into at least 10 sites spanning about 20kb.
Two spontaneous mutations, st136 and st137, which map to the central 
region of unc-22 and have identical morphological phenotypes have been 
shown by cloning to be Tc1 elements inserted about 40bp apart in 
opposite orientations.