Worm Breeder's Gazette 8(3): 83

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Molecular Cloning of lin-12

I. Greenwald

I have examined a total of eight independent lin-12 null mutations 
that arose spontaneously in a predominantly Bergerac genetic 
background.  I probed genomic Southern blots with a 1.2 kb wild-type 
HindIII fragment that was defined by an insertion mutation (see last 
Newsletter) and/or with a cosmid 'contig' obtained from Alan Coulson 
and John Sulston that extends approximately 20 kb in each direction 
from the 1.2 kb HindIII fragment.  The results thus far indicate that (
1) seven of the eight mutations are associated with Tc1 insertions (2) 
the insertions are at different sites, and (3) all the insertion sites 
may lie within a single Pst fragment that is 2.8 kb in wild-type.