Worm Breeder's Gazette 8(3): 68

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Mapping a 5S DNA Cluster

D. Nelson B.M. Honda

Figure 1

The recombinant phage RW70-4 (obtained from Bob Waterston) carries 4-
5 kb of Bristol (N2) genomic sequence in addition to the 1 kb 5S DNA 
repeat.  We previously reported that the 2.2 kb BamHI fragment 
immediately flanking this 5S DNA cluster is shifted to a pair of BamHI 
fragments (2.5 and 2.6 kb) in the Bergerac (BO) genome.  This RFLD was 
shown to be loosely linked to dpy-11(V).We have left-right positioned 
this RFLD with respect to several linkage group V markers as shown 
below.  The results to date confirm the linkage group V assignment and 
place this RFLD to the right of unc-76.  This correlates well with the 
in situ hybridization results placing the 5S RNA gene cluster towards 
the end of the chromosome (D.  Albertson EMBO J. 3 p1227-1234).
[See Figure 1]
While constructing the recombinant strains to complete these mapping 
experiments (still in progress), we noticed a reduction in the 
recombination distance separating dpy-21 and unc-51 in the N2/BO 
heterozygote as compared to the N2/N2 heterozygote (p=0.06 and 0.09 
respectively).  All other distances were essentially identical (ie: 
unc-76 , dpy-21).  The sample size is not yet sufficient to lend 
statistical significance to this reduction and we are repeating the 
experiment anticipating that this may reflect a small rearrangement in 
this region of the BO genome relative to the N2 standard.  Such a 
rearrangement may be related to the RFLD we have identified.

Figure 1