Worm Breeder's Gazette 8(3): 62

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The Yolk Protein Gene Family of C. elegans: YP6, the Gene for the Precursor to yp115 and yp88

J. Spieth, T. Blumenthal

Four yolk proteins have been identified in C.  elegans: Two closely 
related proteins of approximately 170,000 daltons (yp170A and yp170B), 
and two other polypeptides of 115,000 daltons (yp115) and 88,000 
daltons (yp88) (Sharrock, 1983. Develo. Biol, 96, 182-188). yp115 and 
yp88 have been shown to be derived from a 180,000 dalton precursor (
Sharrock, 1984, J. Mol. Biol 174, 419-431).  We recently have shown 
that yp170A and yp170B are encoded by a five gene family (YP1-5) (
Blumenthal et al.. 1984, J. Mol. Biol. 174, 1-18). We have now cloned 
a developmentally-regulated gene that, based on the timing of 
expression, size and abundance of the mRNA and finally, hybrid-arreat 
translation experiments, encodes the 180.000 dalton precursor to yp115 
and yp88 .
The gene (YP6) was cloned from a C. rary by 
selecting abundantly expressed sequences that were adult specific but 
did not hybridize to YP1-5. Genomic clones were selected from John 
Karn's lambda1059 library.
Based on genomic Southern blots the precursor to yp115 and yp88 is 
encoded by a single-copy gene. It is about 5.5 kb long and hybridizes 
to a 5.2 kb RNA. YP6 RNA is as abundant in adult hermaphrodites as is 
the RNA from the YP1-5 gene family but, like YP1-5 RNA, YP6 RNA is not 
detectable in larvae or adult males.
Based on DNA sequence comparison YP6 is distantly related to the YP1-
5 genes suggesting that all of the yolk protein genes evolved from a 
common ancestor.