Worm Breeder's Gazette 8(1): 48

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Tc1(Hin): A Varient Tc1 in C. elegans

L. Harris, N. Mawji, J. Morris, A.M. Rose

Rose, et al., (1982) previously described a RFLD (restriction 
fragment length difference) that mapped to linkage group I, and that 
resulted from the insertion of a transposon into the BO strain.  
Genomic blot hybridization and restriction mapping demonstrated that 
our transposon was (almost) identical to the Tc1 characterized by 
Emmons, et al., (1982) with the exception that ours contained a 
HindIII site which was absent in Tc1 .  We have now sequenced a 
portion of the Tc1(Hin), and find 2 nucleotide changes in the 200 or 
so, base pairs that we have examined.  One of these changes generates 
a HindIII site at position 1310 in the published Tc1 sequence (
Rosenzweig, et al., 1983).  Tc1(Hin) is inserted (not surprisingly) 
into an A/T rich region of linkage group I.  We are hoping to use the 
Hind III restriction site as a genetic marker to follow mobility of 
this transposon.