Worm Breeder's Gazette 8(1): 27

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Monoclonal Antibodies Directed Against the Drosophila Nervous System Cross React with C. elegans

H.M. Ellis, J. Yuan, B. Horvitz

We have begun to screen a collection of monoclonal antibodies that 
were generated against Drosophila embryos and stain a variety of 
Drosophila nervous tissues.  These antibodies were kindly provided by 
Lily and Yuh Nung Jan of the University of California at San Francisco.
Worms were fixed overnight at 4 C in 2% Formaldehyde, squashed, 
frozen and fractured as described by Albertson et al.  (W.B.G.  Vol.7 
No.1) and transferred through a series of alchohols (95,70,50% EtOH).  
Three out of nine monoclonal antibodies that we have tested so far 
stain C.  elegans.  20B6-B6* stains many nerve processes including 
dorsal and ventral cords, sub-lateral cords, cord commissures, amphid 
commissures and processes in the head.  It is not yet clear whether 
this antibody stains all or only some processes.  18H12-C3* stains 
processes in a manner similar to 20B6-B6* as well as sperm and muscle (
or a structure with a muscle-like staining pattern).  21A4-E4 stains 
sperm and early (pre-morphogenetic) eggs.  This staining is non-
nuclear in both sperm and eggs and appears to be symmetrically 
distributed within eggs.