Worm Breeder's Gazette 7(2): 69

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Arylesterases in C. elegans

B. Beguet, C. Bosch

In the wild-type N2 , an E.C. arylesterase activity has 
been revealed in the entire proteins extracted by means of sonication 
without the help of any detergent.
The total activity of the wild-type for adult hermaphrodites is 148 
International Units/liter/mg of proteins.
The filtration on Sephadex gel and the electrophoresis have showed 
that the greater part of this activity (80% to 85% ) amounted to about 
75,000 daltons, the other one (15% to 20%) to about 120,000 - 150,000 
Forty mutants that can resist a substance inhibiting the E.C. 
activities, have been isolated.  These resistance mutants can be put 
together into 3 groups according to their total activitie: 100% , 85% 
and 50% of the rate of activity of the wild-type.
The reproductive potential of the mutants belonging to the last two 
groups is lower than that of the wild-type (decrease of 80%).
The function of a certain number of molecular forms with an E.C.  3.
1.1.2.  activity may be considered as far as reproduction is concerned.