Worm Breeder's Gazette 7(2): 2

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CGC Curator's Report

P. Swanson

The CGC continues to be a busy place.  We have mailed a total of 
over 800 strains to 51 different labs in 2 and 1/2 years of operation. 
390 different strains representing about 46% of our total collection 
have been mailed upon request.  The level of requests continues to 
increase:  146 strains mailed in year 1, 361 in year 2 and 306 so far 
this year.  The current level is 27% higher than last year.  We have a 
new research technician, Mark Edgley, who is handling most of the 
strain requests now.
The computer information retrieval system is fully operational now 
and is available for use on request.  Rates for use are projected to 
triple July 1, so we can no longer afford to have the system available 
at a regularly scheduled time each day.
Beginning in September, I will be in Bozeman, Montana for the year.  
All map data should be mailed to me there in anticipation of the 1983 
version of the Genetic Map to be distributed at the next meeting at 
Cold Spring Harbor.  We will send a reminder in December; the deadline 
will be February 1, 1983.
Included here is a new bibliographic update and a list of new 
strains acquired by the CGC since the last complete strain list was 
mailed in December.  One new lab designation (KR, h) has been assigned 
to Ann Rose for her new lab at the University of British Columbia 
Medical School.
WANTED:  I have heard a rumor that cat-2 and sqt-2 are incorrectly 
placed on the current map.  Anyone with data on these 2 genes please 
send to me before the next revision.