Worm Breeder's Gazette 7(2): 1

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1983 Meeting Announcement

B. Waterston

The 1983 C.  elegans meeting is scheduled for May 4-8 again at Cold 
Spring Harbor.  We tried for a later date, but prior commitments to 
regular groups, like RNA tumor viruses, shut us out, so we remain in 
the same time slot.  The meeting will be the same length as last year 
and we would welcome suggestions for any changes in meeting format.
The cost of registration and room and board will likely be about 
360/person.  Because of Sam Ward's foresight, we are in the favorable 
position of already having NIH support for the 1983 meeting.  The 
level of support is generous by current standards, but with the 
increased cost of the meetings and of travel and hopefully with more 
participants, the proportion of costs that we will be able to pay will 
be significantly less than in 1981.  We will request additional 
funding from NSF, but given our already favorable situation, we 
probably can't expect much.  We urge everyone to seek their own 
support from research grants and other sources, so that we can help as 
many as possible to attend.