Worm Breeder's Gazette 7(1): 57

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Repression of the Spermatogenic Pathway in the Hermaphrodite

M. Klass, M. Herndon

Using a combination of 2D gels and Northern blot analysis we have 
been able to demonstrate that the regulation of the spermatogenic 
pathway in the hermaphrodite occurs at the level of transcription at 
least with respect to the major sperm protein 15K.  2D gel analysis of 
pulse-labeled synchronous cultures of N2 shows that 15K is not 
synthesized in L1 or L2 larvae but is synthesized in L4 larvae during 
spermatogenesis and is then repressed after sperm production has 
stopped in gravid hermaphrodites.  Northern blot analysis using our 
cloned genomic probe for 15K mRNA has demonstrated the lack of 15K 
mRNA in L2 and gravid hermaphrodites and its presence only during 
spermatogenesis in the hermaphrodite.