Worm Breeder's Gazette 7(1): 56

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Selection of Spermatogenesis-Specific Genes

M. Klass, M. Herndon

We have recently begun a search for genomic DNA sequences that are 
transcriptionally active only during spermatogenesis by the following 
procedure:  We have screened triplicate copies of a C.  elegans clone 
bank (graciously provided by Scott Emmons) with three separate probes: 
1) [32P]cDNA of Poly A RNA from synchronous L2 worms; 2) [32P]cDNA of 
Poly A RNA from 70% adult males; and 3) [32P]cDNA of Poly A RNA from 
gravid hermaphrodites.  Plaques were screened and those plaques 
showing positive hybridization to only the male cDNA probe were picked 
for further analysis.  So far of 1600 phage screened 200 were positive 
but only 2 of these showed specific hybridization only to the male 
probe.  They have been picked as candidates for being spermatogenesis 
specific.  Interestingly, three plaques were found to be hermaphrodite 
specific, hybridizing only to the gravid hermaphrodite probe.  Our 
plan is to analyze these spermatogenesis specific sequences by 
determining their products and how they are regulated.