Worm Breeder's Gazette 7(1): 50

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Notes on Nomenclature: Bergerac dpy Mutants Assigned Bristol Gene Designations

M. Whistler, D. Riddle, P. Swanson

Figure 1

Six dumpy mutants were contributed to the CGC collection by the Lyon 
laboratory.  Three strains were reported by Roland Ouazana to carry X-
linked mutations, two carried autosomal mutations, and one apparently 
had not been tested (FF17).  Each strain was crossed with appropriate 
Bristol males for mapping and complementation, and the results are 
summarized as 
[See Figure 1]
FF1 maps to LG I, complements dpy-14(e188), but is allelic with dpy-
5(e61).  FF14 is said to be representative of a frequently mutated 
gene, and it is allelic with dpy-1(e1).  The remaining four dumpy 
mutants are all X-linked, so they first were tested for 
complementation with ts alleles of dpy-3(m39), 24), 
and dpy-8(e1281).  All the mutants complemented these alleles.  Since 
we have no ts alleles of dpy-6, we performed those complementation 
tests using tra-1(e1099)II males to construct the Bergerac/Bristol 
hybrids.  The tra-1/tra-1; re crossed with 
Bergerac dumpy mutants at 25 C to select against selfed progeny.  
Dumpy hermaphrodite progeny subsequently were cloned to check 
segregation of the paternal tra-1 marker.  All four X-linked strains 
are allelic with dpy-6(e14).At this point, we see no reason to invoke 
special rules of nomenclature for Bergerac alleles.  However, any 
strain or allele generated in a Bergerac background should be clearly 
designated as such in its description, along with mutagen used, 
temperature-sensitivity, and other important genetic and phenotypic 

Figure 1