Worm Breeder's Gazette 6(1): 19

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Some Parameters of Mitotic Recombination Induced by UV in C. elegans

A. Fodor

Figure 1

UV in the proper dose (60 W; 22 cm; 15'') seems to be a useful tool 
for inducing somatic recombination in C.  elegans.  Embryos of dpy-5 (
e61) + + unc-54 (e1301) /+ unc-15 (e1214) + + and also of dpy-5 (e61) 
+ + unc-54 (e1301) / + + unc-13 (e1091) + genotypes were irradiated, 
collected for 2h and grown at 15 C.  Non-dumpy, partially 
uncoordinated hermaphrodites were scored.  The plates were then 
transferred to a 25 C environment for 8h.  Non-dumpy, partially-
paralyzed hermaphrodites and dumpy non-paralyzed males were scored.  
All putative mosaics were studied under a Zeiss Universal polarized 
light microscope.  The total fraction of real mosaics was about 3%, 
the majority of them being unc-54 mosaic (partially paralyzed only at 
high temperature).  There were also unc-15 and dumpy male mosaics, 
together with animals having no detectable muscle defect.  This 
project, discussed with O.  Siddiqi et al., has been carried out in 
[See Figure 1]

Figure 1