Worm Breeder's Gazette 6(1): 17

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A Technique for C. elegans Mass Cultures

A. Fodor, P. Deak, C. Csepely

Figure 1

A 4 liter glass 'fermenter' has been used instead of Roux bottles in 
our lab for C.  elegans mass liquid cultures.  It is made of glass 
plates stuck together with silicone rubber.  It is autoclavable at 120 
C, and provided with an aluminium cover containing two noles, into 
which tubes, are sealed by silicone rubber.  One tube (the shorter one)
includes a 'weighted' valve, supplied with a movable but hole-
covering glass ball.  The other an inverted T, the horizontal arms of 
which are perforated with holes, the prefiltered condensed air 
entering via the vertical section.  This apparatus is practical for 
both bacteria and C.  elegans.  New cultures are started by 
transferring the cover to a new, sterilized culture from an old one.
[See Figure 1]

Figure 1