Worm Breeder's Gazette 6(1): 10

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Shall We Update the Genetic Map?

D. Riddle

Only you can answer this question!  It has been one year since we 
asked for new mapping data and I'm sure all you mappers have been very 
busy since then.  In order for the Caenorhabditis Genetics Center to 
provide you with a truly current, juicy version of the map at Cold 
Spring Harbor in May, we will need your previously unreported data on 
copies of the 'CGC Genetic Data Sheet' included in this issue. (
Directions for reporting three-factor cross results are included below.
)  Please send us completed forms for new genes you have mapped or old 
genes you have moved, no later than March 1, 1981.  Send to:  
Caenorhabditis Genetics Center, Division of Biological Sciences, 110 
Tucker Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri   65211.
Three-factor cross results:  (i.e.,  counts from recombinants of A & 
B phenotypes from progeny of ab +/+ +c.)  Indicate results showing 
determined order and the number of recombination events in each 
A.)  The order can only be determined unambiguously when the single 
trans marker 'c' is located between the other two markers 'a' and 'b'. 
In those cases, indicate results as in the following example.  For 
example:  Of 269 recombination events between dpy-5 and unc-13, 264 
were in the interval between unc-15 and unc-13.  (expressed as):  dpy-
5(264/269) 269) nB.)  When a precise 
order is not defined and instead we can only establish that one of the 
markers is outside, the ambiguity is indicated by parentheses.  For 
example:  All of 50 unc and none of 25 dpy recombinants from unc-17 
e him progeny.  Thus, him-8 is 
either right of dpy-13 or close to and left of dpy-13.  (expressed as: 
unc-17(75/75) him-8))  Note:  In this case, the 
trans marker is never written in the middle position so that in the 
example given, it should be readily apparent from the way the markers 
are written that him-8 is either on the side of dpy-13 opposite that 
of unc-17 or on the same side but close to dpy-13.