Worm Breeder's Gazette 4(1): 40b

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Changes in the Synaptonemal Complex in the Oocyte Nucleus in Meiotic Prophase of C. elegans (Nematoda)

M. Abirached, J. Brun

During oogenesis in the hermaphroditic nematode C.  elegans, the 
synaptonemal complex is not detectable until the homologous 
chromosomes are at least partly paired (that is until meiotic prophase 
synapsis).  In the pachytene stage, the complex has a typically 
classic organization.  At the separation phase, the complex persists 
in certain places, in the diplotene stage and even in early diakinesis.
These persisting zones during separation of the homologous 
chromosomes are believed to correspond to chiasma.  These 
interpretation therefore implicates the complex in the recombination