Worm Breeder's Gazette 3(2): 21b

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More about zyg Mutants

N. Wolf, D. Hirsh

We have examined the early cleavages of our ts zyg mutants by 
Nomarski optics and measured the number of nuclei in the embryos as a 
function of time at restrictive temperature using Hoechst stain.  We 
find that all of the strict maternal mutants (M,M) either have 
abnormal early cleavages or never progress beyond 200 nuclei or both.  
Two of the other zyg mutants display abnormal early cleavages.  
Interestingly these are the paternal mutant B235 (M,N,P) and the 
anomalous mutant B261 (M,N,?).  None of the other mutants displays 
abnormal early cleavages or stops before 200 nuclei.  The first 
cleavages can be schematically diagrammed as follows for N2 and for 
some of the 
[See Figure 1]