Worm Breeder's Gazette 3(2): 21a

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My most recent efforts have involved the purification and 
characterization of a major protein component found in purified sperm 
with my major objective being to investigate a developmentally 
regulated gene at both the cellular and molecular level.  This sperm 
protein is first synthesized around 76 hours after hatching (16 C time)
as determined by pulse-labeling males during different developmental 
stages.  The synthesis of this protein has a molecular weight of 14,
000 in SDS gels, an isoelectric point between 8.6 and 8.8 and accounts 
for approximately 20% of the total protein found in isolated sperm.  
Although the protein shows a molecular weight of 14,000 under 
denaturing conditions, it shows a molecular weight of 28,000 when 
using Sephadex or Bio-gel in nondenaturing conditions.
The protein can be purified by homogenizing sperm and running the 
S100 over a phosphocellulose column.  This basic protein is the only 
protein in the S100 that binds to phosphocellulose.  I am using this 
purified protein preparation to obtain specific antibodies and will 
use the antibody to determine the structural significance of this 
protein by EM immunological techniques.
The adult male contains a significant amount of polyA containing 
mRNA that codes for this basic sperm protein as determined in a 
recticulocyte translation system.  I am now in the process of 
purifying this specific mRNA.
By using 35S-sufanilic acid diazonium salt it does not appear that 
this protein is a cell surface protein but seems to be contained 
within the cell.