Worm Breeder's Gazette 3(2): 14a

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A Note on Contaminants

S. Ward

The brownish-yellow bacterium that commonly contaminates worm stocks 
is Pseudomonas aeruginosa.  It is sensitive to gentamicin and colistin,
we use gentamicin (10  g/ml) in some plates to control it.  When 
present on plates, it reduces progeny production substantially and 
also causes rapid destruction of unfertilized oocytes.
The bulk E.  coli commercially available from Grain Processing Corp. 
can be grossly contaminated with Pseudomonas and other species.  (When 
asked if they could prepare E.  coli aseptically, the reply was 'No, 
the man that harvests the pellets scoops them up with his bare hands'. 
On special request he will wash his hands).  After receiving a large 
batch of bacteria which would not grow worms well, we switched to 
growing our own E.  coli in a Lab-Line High density fermentor.