Worm Breeder's Gazette 2(2): 7b

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Cell Lineage Mutants of C. elegans

B. Horvitz, J. Sulston

Using a number of approaches, we have identified 19 independent 
mutants with abnormal postembryonic cell lineages.  These mutants can 
be grouped into the following categories.  (1) Blocks in the ventral 
hypodermal divisions that generate the vulva (3 genes).  (2) 
Proliferation of ventral hypodermal cells, leading to the formation of 
multiple 'pseudo-vulvae' (probably 3 genes).  (3) Defects in numerous 
postembryonic cell lineages (4 genes).  (4) Blocks in the migrations 
of the ventral cord precursor cells, which generate both the vulva and 
much of the ventral nervous system (2 genes).  (5) Overproduction of 
deirid and postdeirid neurons (1 gene).  (6) Generalized blocks in 
postembryonic cell divisions (2 genes).