Worm Breeder's Gazette 2(2): 31

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Electrophysiology of Identified Neurons of Ascaris

J.P. Walrond, I.S. Kass

The function of the seven commissural motorneurons in the second and 
third segments of Ascaris des has been determined 
physiologically by stimulating isolated commissural fibers and 
recording the evoked responses in the musculature.  Of the seven 
neurons, three are inhibitory and four are excitatory.  Dorsal 
activation of the two type B neurons in.each segment evoke 
hyperpolarizing responses in the ventral muscles while ventral 
activation of the type A neuron evokes hyperpolarizing responses in 
the dorsal muscles.  When stimulated ventrally, both type C neurons in 
each segment produce depolarizing responses in the dorsal muscles.  
Both type D and E neurons also depolarize the dorsal musculature.  The 
depolarizing responses are frequently slow potentials with 
superimposed spikes.