Worm Breeder's Gazette 2(2): 24a

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Several of the more interesting ts zygote defective (zyg) mutants 
isolated by Hirsh and Vanderslice (1) map in the unc4-dpy1O region of 
linkage group II.  We have begun isolation of additional lethal 
mutations in this region by the following 
Heterozygous dpy10(e128) +/+ unc4(e120) worms are mutagenized and 
F1's of wild phenotype are cloned at 25 C.  Clones that fail to 
segregate one of the two morphological markers are scored as carrying 
a nonmaternal lethal linked to that marker.  Unc and dpy worms from 
clones that segregate both are tested for sterility; if one of the two 
marker phenotypes is found to be sterile the clone is scored as 
carrying a maternal lethal linked to that marker.  Lethals are 
maintained as heterozygotes by passing phenotypically normal worms.  
From a first screening of 1,004 F1 clones following mutagenesis, five 
maternal and four nonmaternal lethals were isolated.  Two of the 
maternal mutants are zyg, two are gonadogenesis defective, and one is 
spermatogenesis defective (sp).  One of the zyg lesions and the sp 
lesion are temperature sensitive.  All the nonmaternal mutants, are 
blocked during larval development; none of them are temperature 
sensitive.  All nine mutants have been mapped roughly relative to 
dpy10 and unc4 by scoring segregation of the lethal from the 
morphological marker it is linked to.  The two zyg mutants map between 
e128 and e120, but they complement each other,and both complement the 
zyg mutant tsB244 (2), which maps in the same region.