Worm Breeder's Gazette 2(2): 22a

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Using ethylmethane sulfonate (.05M) several lethals linked to the 
unc-22 mutant have been isolated (14 lethals in 320 tested fourth 
chromosomes within 5 map units i.e.  4.4%).  Worms heterozygous for 
the mutant unc-22 show a different behavior in a solution of 1% 
nicotine than do wild-type worms.  This observation has allowed us to 
keep lethals linked to the unc-22 mutant for further study.  Ten of 
the lethals have been found to map within two map units either side of 
the twitcher gene.  Several of these have now been given left/right 
positions.  As well, the time of lethality for eight of these mutants 
has now been determined.  All eight are post-embryonic lethals.  One 
dies in the egg just prior to hatching.  Six die during various larval 
stages.  One grows to the adult size but it is sterile.  The evidence 
of linkage data, complementation analysis, left/right positioning and 
time of lethality lead us to the conclusion that we have identified 
ten separate lethal genes around the unc-22 gene.
This work is supported by a grant from the National Research Council 
of Canada.