Worm Breeder's Gazette 2(2): 12b

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Sperm Actin C. elegans

D. Damm

We have been investigating spermatogenesis as a developmental 
pathway amenable to both biochemical and genetic analyses.  We have 
examined sperm proteins by SDS gel electrophoresis.  Isotopically 
labeled sperm are purified by insemination of non-labeled 
hermaphrodites.  Proteins of the hermaphrodites are fractionated on 
SDS gels and the banding pattern examined by autoradiography, so that 
only sperm proteins are visualized.  No protein migrates with the same 
mobility as worm body actin.  C.  elegans sperm cross-react with 
rabbit antiactin antibody by immunofluorescence.  Experiments are in 
progress to purify a putative second actin species by DNAase I-
affinity chromatography.