Worm Breeder's Gazette 16(5): 1 (February 1, 2001)

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Reminder of the 13th International C. elegans Meeting

Paul Sternberg

HHMI and Division of Biology, 156-29, Caltech, Pasadena, CA 91125

The 13th International C. elegans Meeting will be held June 22-26, 2001
at The University of California, Los Angeles, which is located in the
Westwood section of Los Angeles.   Members of the Organizing Committee
for this meeting are Paul Sternberg (chair), Susan Strome, Ralf
Schnabel, Monica Driscoll, Jim Thomas, Jocelyn Shaw and Alex van der

The format of the meeting will be different from that of previous C.
elegans meetings to accommodate the growth of the field. The mornings
will have two-hour parallel platform sessions and one-hour workshops. 
There will be afternoon poster sessions and evening plenary sessions. We
plan to have four plenary sessions of oral presentations and three
poster sessions. More people will be able to speak with this format.  

A pamphlet describing meeting details and how to register, submit
abstracts, and request financial aid will be emailed to all Worm
Breeder's Gazette subscribers, and will be downloadable from WormBase
(http://www.wormbase.org ). Abstract submission will be handled
electronically at http://elegans.swmed.edu (thanks to Leon Avery!).  

Registration will be handled electronically at a site to be announced.

The deadline for registration, submission of abstracts, and sending
financial aid requests is April 5, 2001.