Worm Breeder's Gazette 16(2): 3a

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Japanese C. elegans Meeting 2000

Shohei Mitani

Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo, JAPAN

The 2nd Japanese C. elegans Meeting will be held in Tokyo, on the campus of Tokyo Medical and Dental University from Tuesday, August 1 until Thursday, August 3. The organizer is Shohei Mitani (mitani1@research.twmu.ac.jp). The members of the organizing committee are Takeshi Ishihara, Ken-ichi Kariya, Makoto Koga, Tohru Sano, Asako Sugimoto, and Masatoshi Hagiwara. A website, which will contain detailed information, is being set up at [http://www.cbi.or.jp/~sano/wormjp/index.html]. The deadline for abstracts will be May 31. The primary official language will be Japanese, but non-Japanese-speaking attendees are welcome! (For non-Japanese-speaking attendees: please contact the committee ASAP, so that we can arrange the meeting more comfortable for you.) Abstracts (in English) will be posted on the web.