Worm Breeder's Gazette 16(2): 2c

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Midwest Worm Meeting 2000.

Ann Rougvie1, Meg Titus1, Mike Herman2, Kerry Kornfeld3, Mary Montgomery4

1 University of Minnesota, 250 BioSci Center, 1445 Gortner Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108
2 Division of Biology, Kansas State University, Ackert Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506
3 Department of Molecular Biology and Pharmacology, Washington University School of Medicine, Campus Box 8103, 660 S. Euclid Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110
4 Macalester College, Biology Department, 1600 Grand Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105

The Midwest C. elegans Meeting 2000 will be held from Friday, June 2 to Sunday, June 4, 2000 on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota. The members of the organizing committee are Ann Rougvie, Meg Titus, Mike Herman, Kerry Kornfeld and Mary Montgomery. A website containing detailed information and the registration form is being set up. The abstract deadline is April 7.