Worm Breeder's Gazette 15(3): 30 (June 1, 1998)

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Sequence changes associated with useful lin-12 mutations

Chenhui Wen1, E. Jane Albert Hubbard1,2, Richard Ruiz1, Iva Greenwald1

1 Dept. of Biochemistry and HHMI, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, NY, NY 10032
2 Current address: Dept. of Biology, NYU, NY, NY 10003

        lin-12(n941) is an EMS-induced lin-12 allele that our lab uses
as the canonical null allele for genetic studies.   This allele contains
an amber stop codon in the eighth EGF-like motif  (amino acid W400STOP).
This observation suggests that lin-12(n941) is a molecular null allele. 
lin-12(n941) causes a highly penetrant 2 AC defect and other cell fate
transformations as described in Greenwald et al. (1983).   Note that in
the presence of smg-1, the lin-12(n941) allele causes an embryonic
lethal phenotype, probably as a result of a dominant-negative effect of
the truncated extracellular domain (Hilary Wilkinson, personal

        lin-12(n302ar220) behaves like a null allele; it contains a
UV/TMP-induced lesion, ar220, a small deletion in the extracellular
domain that creates a frameshift mutation in the fourth EGF-like motif. 
We have not examined the effect of smg-1 on this allele.    

        lin-12(n676n930) is an EMS-induced hypomorphic allele that we
have used for many genetic studies in our lab.  This allele contains a
missense mutation in the second EGF-like repeat (amino acid C138Y).  
The genetic properties of this allele have been described in detail in
Sundaram and Greenwald (1993a).

        Sequence changes associated with lin-12(n302), lin-12(n676) and
most other lin-12(d) mutations were published in Greenwald and Seydoux