Worm Breeder's Gazette 15(2): 6 (February 1, 1998)

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Course Announcement: EMBO Practical Course on Molecular, Genetic and Informatic Methods for C. elegans

Jonathan Hodgkin1, Alan Coulson2, Patricia Kuwabara1

1 MRC-LMB, Cambridge, England
2 The Sanger Centre, Hinxton, Cambridge, England

This practical course will be held at the Sanger Centre, U.K., from
September 27 to October 6 1998.   It is intended primarily for
scientists at postdoctoral or senior graduate student level, who do not
have prior experience working with C. elegans  but are interested in
making use of the system.   The organizers of the course are Jonathan
Hodgkin (MRC-LMB, Cambridge, England), Alan Coulson (Sanger Centre,
Hinxton, Cambridge, England) and Patricia Kuwabara (MRC-LMB, Cambridge,
England).   For further information, see the Sanger Centre website