Worm Breeder's Gazette 15(2): 15 (February 1, 1998)

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The C.elegans cDNA project : progress report and a call for feedback information

Yuji Kohara, Tadasu Shin-i, Tomoko Motohashi, Tokie Ohba, Ikuko Sugiura, Masumi Obara, Akiko Miyata, Masako Sano, Hiroko Uesugi, Hisako Watanabe, Yuko Mitani, Tamami Nagaoka

CREST and Gene Network Lab, National Institute of Genetics, Mishima 411, Japan

<Progress report>

chromosome    I     II     III    IV      V      X    unassigned  total
cDNA clones
 5' tags     7,439  7,242  6,765  6,836  6,119  6,103  7,318     47,822
 3' tags     5,734  5,535  5,132  5,144  4,747  4,765  5,408     36,465
 both tags*  5,230  5,029  4,686  4,651  4,292  4,399  3,773     32,060

clusters       914  1,062    897    896    923    969  2,020      7,681

*: cDNA clones whose 5' and 3'-tags are available.

   Expression pattern analysis using whole mount in situ hybridization
is also in progress.  The protocols for the in situ analysis are
available at our WWW site that you can enter through the DDBJ home page.

WWW: http://www.ddbj.nig.ac.jp/
     <Expression pattern map of the C.elegans genome>
     actually, http://watson.genes.nig.ac.jp:8080/db/index.html
     (NEXT DB = Nematode EXpression paTtern DataBase)
          for expression images/genome map information
          Any inquiry should be sent to : Tadasu Shin-i
     <C.elegans EST database>
          for EST info, data retrieval and database search
          Any inquiry should be sent to: <YK-admin@ddbj.nig.ac.jp>
Request for cDNA clones should be sent to: Yuji Kohara

<Call for feedback information>
   Thus far, about 3,000 cDNA clones have been sent to requesters.  We
think it is a good idea to collect the information obtained by using the
cDNA clones and to share by the community.  We believe that even
negative data could be useful to other people.  Thus, we would like to
ask the requesters to return information with respect to the clones.  In
particular, results of antisense RNA experiments (description of
phenotypes, typical images of the phenotypes, and so on) should be very
useful to worm researchers.
   We will prepare several forms to input information at the NEXTDB WWW
site (click "feedback information").  Sending it by e-mail to us is also
welcome. After checking the content, we will make the information
available immediately at the WWW site and will make it searchable.