Worm Breeder's Gazette 15(1): 23 (October 1, 1997)

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The C.elegans cDNA project : A brief progress report (as of Sept. 6, 1997)

Yuji Kohara, Tadasu Shin-i, Tomoko Motohashi, Hiroaki Tabara, Tokie Ohba, Ikuko Sugiura, Masumi Obara, Akiko Miyata, Masako Sano, Hiroko Uesugi, Hisako Watanabe, Yuko Mitani, Tamami Nagaoka

CREST and Gene Network Lab, National Institute of Genetics Mishima 411, Japan

        Analysis of some 49,000 cDNA clones produced 32,980 clean
3!-tag sequences and 42,114 clean 5!-tag sequences.  The 3-tags were
classified into 7,374 unique cDNA groups (assigned the serial number
CELK00001 to CELK07641).  Out of them, 5,967 groups were mapped !in
silico! on the C.elegans genomic sequences, while 1,407 groups did not
hit any sequenced cosmids/YACs.
        The 5!-tags were also classified into F groups (groups of
overlapping 5!-tag sequences) and correlated to the CELK groups.  2,439
F groups were not correlated to the CELK groups because the 3!-tag
sequences were not available for the member clones of the groups.
1,917 groups were mapped !in silico!, but 522 groups did not hit any
sequenced cosmids/YACs.
        Mapping of the (1,407 + 522 =) 1,929 unmapped groups are in
progress using the YAC filers (Thank you Alan for the masters).  So
far, 338 groups have been mapped.
        Expression pattern analysis using whole mount in situ
hybridization is also in progress.  Analysis on larvae to adults has
been started.   The protocols for the in situ analysis will be placed
at our WWW site.
        Although the sequence and relevant data are being submitted to
the public database DDBJ/GenBank and also to ACEDB, our www site is as
follows.  Due to historical reasons, there are two databases which will
be merged soon.  So, please start from the DDBJ home page.

WWW: http://www.ddbj.nig.ac.jp/
        "Expression pattern map of the C.elegans genome"
        (NEXT DB = Nematode EXpression paTtern DataBase)
                for expression images/genome map information
                Any inquiry should be sent to :
                          (Tadasu Shin-i)
        "C.elegans EST database"
                for EST info, data retrieval and database search
                Any inquiry should be sent to:

Request for cDNA clones should be sent to: "ykohara@lab.nig.ac.jp"
                                               (Yuji Kohara)