Worm Breeder's Gazette 15(1): 2 (October 1, 1997)

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1998 East Coast C. elegans Meeting


1998 East Coast C. elegans Meeting
Boston University
Boston, MA
June 5-7, 1998

"The Worm People Are Coming!! The Worm People Are Coming!!"

Look for a more detailed announcement in the February Gazette and
on the C. elegans electronic bulletin board.  We hope to set-up a
WWW page that will include the latest meeting information and all
meeting abstracts--keep checking!  And for the parasitic nematode
aficionados, we're trying to schedule a Parasitic Nematode
Workshop before the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you in Boston.
Anne Hart, Bob Horvitz, Craig Hunter, Chris Li, Claude Maina,
Craig Mello, Gary Ruvkun, Liz Ryder, Piali Sengupta, Yang Shi,
Sander van den Heuvel